About Us

Who is ITmaniac

ITmaniac is an information technology solutions provider,

which started its business in Athens, Greece in 2013.
Since then, ITmaniac delivered smart, creative and cost effective solutions for medium and large businesses. We must add our full commitment in creating long-term relationships, which means we take an individual and honest approach to each client, for getting the best mutual outcome from our stable and transparent relationship. Our partners have already found out that ITmaniac is here to provide solutions.
Based on our methodologies which are tailored to fit ITmaniac’s business challenges, our development process covers the lifecycle of a solution from project kick-off through to live deployment.
To justify all the above aspects and considerations we will have to answer who and how benefits of our exposed and trusted values. While it is very easy to answer that the ones who benefits are

Our clients

Quality work provided – due to our specialized people
Work provided on time and client’s deadlines fulfilled – due to our clear planning and good communication

Our services are all related with various fields of the IT industry. We have the expertise and partnerships to provide you with Cisco/ Microsoft Professional and Expert level of knowledge and strengths in the following fields:

Software Testing
Device Programming
System integration
Network installation

As an overview of what you should expect from us and what ITmaniac should provide, we will finally enumerate some of the most important aspects:

Our entire business philosophy relates to creating dedicated Extended Teams for clients, and supporting these teams to become natural extensions of the client’s teams.

Ensure that our Extended Teams are providing the best work for our clients within the safest and best controlled environment (paying much respect to security confidentiality, best communication, etc.)

Most competitive rates for our clients while not making compromises with quality of the provided work.
The billing rate itself is structured to be competitive for the client, but at the same time gives us the flexibility to attract and retain world-class talent.

Solid and long lasting relationships with our clients.

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